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You put a great deal of thought and creativity into your logo. It represents your unique brand. So how do you translate that to the embroidered image? Through the process of digitizing. Because embroidery is a wholly-unique medium for reproducing images - with limitations not present in other forms of decorating - quality digitizing makes all the difference. Essentially, we’re taking a two-dimensional design, and making it three dimensional. We work closely with our professional digitizers to fine-tune every logo so they come as close as possible to the original design - and usually within 24 hours. All we need is a JPEG or PNG file format and we’re good to go.

We’ll stack our embroidery services up against anybody’s. We work on top-of-the-line, 15-needle Barudan computerized embroidery machines to turn out high-quality results. We’re small enough to be flexible when it comes to turn-around parameters, with standard turnaround times of 10 to 14 business days. Bottom line, just tell us what your needs are, and we’ll endeavor to make it happen for you.

We can run as few as 24 pieces, but the economies of scale involved in screen printing begin to make the most sense at 72 pieces and up. Pricing is reflective of that. With other imprint methods like Direct-to-garment (DTG) and sublimation gaining traction in the last decade, we still believe direct screen printing renders the sharpest, most-distinctive and longest-lasting imprint among the direct-printing methods. Screen printing production times are currently running three weeks due to high demand.

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